Bring Balance to your Life with Holistic Wellness

Bring Balance to your Life with Holistic Wellness

Quintescents was borne from our founder’s passion to find a permanent solution to chronic ailments that plagued her and her parents. Even though Rui was exposed to a mix of traditional oriental treatments and western prescription medication, these remedies could only provide temporary relief, driving Rui to explore a more holistic approach through self-learning and certified courses.


Find What Works for You

Ready-To-Use Blends

Ready-To-Use Blends

Our carefully curated essential oil blends give you targeted support for your health needs.

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Bespoke Blends

Bespoke Blends

We’ll arrange a 1-on-1 consultation to understand your health concerns, history and lifestyle to create a custom blend* that is safe and effective for your needs.

*There is no Minimum Order Quantity required for bespoke orders.

Bulk Orders

Bulk Orders

Get a bulk order of our essential oils in your corporate branding and colours. We can also curate therapeutic blends for wellness centers and clinics to complement wellness regimes.


Real Remedies for Real People

Unsure of their true efficacy? Hear from our clients.

  • Womb harmony is life-saviour for me, as it helps to regulate my menstrual cycle, eases my cramps, and providing relief from discomfort! Allowing me to go about my day with greater ease! As an additional benefit, I notice it improves my sleep too.

    Alice, Therapist
  • During the rainy season, I often experience blocked nose. However, since I started using Breathe Well essential oil, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my breathing. My nose isn’t as stuffy anymore, and the refreshing aroma helps me feel more open and relaxed.

    Marcus Low, Project Manager
  • I used to struggle with sleep, but after using Deep Sleep, I can now sleep through the night. It has become my winding down routine – rolling it on acupressure points and lightly massaging until it absorbs.

    Amelia, Hair Stylist
  • Since I started using Spleen & Stomach Support, it really improves my digestion, much less flatulence. I can eat my meals in peace without worrying that I’ll become bloated after every meal. My bowel movements are more regular now!

    PS Lim, Educator
  • Since I started using Radiant Hope, I notice a remarkable difference in my emotional well-being. Previously, I got frustrated easily, but now, I experience a greater sense of calm and peace! This newfound sense of calm has enhanced my overall well-being and positively influenced my relationships and daily interactions.

    Xue Lin
  • I used to experience tightness and tension in my back, which made it difficult to breathe smoothly. I often felt lightheaded and easily fatigued as well. Circulatory Ease has improved my back condition significantly.

    Nicole Loh, Administrator

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